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Roof Restorations Geelong

At Roofing Geelong, we pride ourselves in being able to provide the highest quality and value for money roof restorations (and cleaning) services in Geelong. We use the latest techniques and products to revitalise your roof to its original look and bring it back to life. 

We breathe new life into your roof, whether its fading and lost its colour or needs clearing of debris and dirt; we have you covered. We can also recoat your tiles and sheets to provide that brand new look.

As such, we want to ensure we provide a cost effective option for all our customers, as we know that a roof replacement is costly and should only be used where the structural integrity of the roof has been compromised.

A roof restoration project can be the perfect option to prolong the longevity of the roof your property, where we can service and re-install key components, such as reflashings, reseals, repair damage and replace badly damaged tiles. We’ll also conduct a full inspection to look behind any cracks to ensure your roof is in good working order and check waterproofing. We then will complete a thorough clean, to remove any contamination, such as debris, bird droppings, moss and foliage.

It’s always best to have your roof inspected every once in a while, as your roof is the first line of defence against the weather conditions. If your roof has been breached, serious problems can occur, such as build up of water in your walls and roofing structures, moisture build up which can also lead to damp on your ceilings, subsequently causing a health risk.

We are also able to coat your roof with the latest product applications, to help prolong and restore your roof, with the colour of your choice. As professionals, we guarantee our workmanship provided, included the application of paint. We want to ensure our customers are satisfied, and therefore provide you with confidence that your roof will be looked after.

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