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We know that replacing an entire roof can be quite an expensive affair. That’s why at Roofing Geelong, we look at the most economic solutions to provide to you, to keep your costs as low as possible. A roof repair is a simple process. We will come out to you, no obligations, and inspect your roof’s situation, take some photos and provide an in-depth report to you.

We might also recommend some ways to help extend your current roof’s life, by providing some maintenance options to help keep your roof nice and healthy.

Situations where you may need a repair of your roof, would include:

  • Roof leaks;
  • Damaged or incorrectly installed roof tiles or sheets;
  • Holes in the roof; and
  • Cracked/broken fixtures.

What you don’t want to do is, leave your problem to be fixed too late. If left unattended for too long, the structural integrity to your roof may be damaged and compromised. Our professional roofing team can organise a hassle-free inspection of your roof, to ensure everything is in perfect condition. Ensuring that your roof is healthy, leak-free is well worth being checked, to avoid a costly fix.

We’ll also check the flashings of your roof, which are fundamental to ensure water cannot penetrate the roof. They form the junctions in a roof’s surface to prevent any water leaking into the roof’s architecture.

So make sure you give our friendly team a call, to make sure you roof is in good working order!

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