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Do you think you got some leaking on your roof but you’re not sure because you can’t determine the accurate signs?

Well, worry no more since you’re on the right page where we will enumerate the following signs that will help you determine whether you have a leak to your roof or you don’t have.

Signs of a leaking roof

Water Dripping from the roof

One of the most common signs that you can tell you has a leaking on your roof. Unluckily for you, if you are already using a bucket to catch some rainwater dripping from your roof, it means that you got some serious damage on your roof. Therefore, it is very important to call us immediately so we can fix that leak on your roof right away before the damage gets worse.

Watermarks on the roof

Watermarks on your roof indicates that there is already some water stocked on your roof which is more dangerous now because your roof might crack and explode due to too much pressure. You don’t want to wait for your roof to explode or it will cost you a more expensive repair, that’s why it’s a big no to let the damage get on this stage.

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Stains or spot on the roof

Once you notice some yellowy brown stain or spot on your roof, that is an obvious sign that your roof has a leak on it and you need to act immediately before it gets worse.

Missing Roof tiles

Even if there’s no sign of leaking in your roof yet but you got some missing tiles from your roof, that can cause leaks. To prevent any leak on your roof, call us and we will give you a free inspection to see what we can do.

Sagging of the roof 

A huge Leak can cause your roof plaster to sag and when it is already sagging, you know your roof won’t last any longer and it could be very dangerous to you and your family as it might collapse anytime.

Reason to act immediately

Did any of those signs mentioned above sound accurate to your roof’s situation?  Then our best advice is to call the experts, which is our team to handle your roof leak. Though here are some of the reasons why you need to act immediately when you have a leak on your roof.

Insurance Coverage

This is what most people are not aware about. A serious damage in their roof such as burst plaster can get up to $2000 and your insurance company won’t even cover it. Hence, it is very important to act immediately while the leak on your roof is not serious yet.

Further Damage

A leak in your roof is not like a wound that will heal by itself. Therefore, your only option to cover that leak is to call our team so we can fix it for a very affordable rate. You don’t want that leak to cause further damage as it can be very expensive repair.

Water Causes Rot

Your ceiling is completely made of wood, that’s why when your roof gets leak, your ceiling is in danger. Neglect that leak and you’ll end having a rotten roof which will not be safe for you, your family and for the rest of the overall structure of your house.

Way to avoid a leak in your roof

If the signs of leak that we mentioned above don’t exist in your roof, then that’s excellent news for you. However, you still need to avoid getting a leak on your roof as leaks will still occur. Fortunately for you, our team offers a regular roof inspection which is for free and we can give you a budget-friendly roof maintenance whenever you need it. Roof Maintenance is the best way to avoid roof leaks and it will save you from paying expensive roof repairs.

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