3 Easy Steps To Follow When Dealing With Roof Leak

The benefits that your roof gives you goes beyond aesthetics. They help you have a comfortable temperature inside your home, and protects you from the weather and other elements outside. As time goes by, roofs can form sags and develop leaks. A roof can develop such problems any time of the day. There are different types of roof problems that may occur all of a sudden – such as damage caused by a lightning strike or strong winds. But the most common type and widely experienced type of roof problem is the leakage. Roof leaks can happen because of improper installation or the roof may be punctured by something heavy. Most people call on some professionals to deal with their roof leakage, but here are 3 easy steps you can follow in order to deal with a roof leak on your own.

What Causes Roof Leakage?

Roof leakage can be caused by various things. Here’s a list of the common reasons why your roof is leaking:

  • Poor installation and workmanship
  • Damaged roof valley
  • Poor installation of materials
  • Obstructed water flow
  • Punctured roof
  • The roof is getting old

Dealing With A Roof Leak

Here are three simple steps you need to follow when dealing with a roof leak:

  1. Check what causes the leakage – when dealing with a leak on your roof, you should first check what causes the leakage and where it is coming from so you can know if it’s a damage you can deal on your own or if your roof needs some professional help.
  2. Repair Your Roof – if it’s a minor leakage, you can always fix it on your own. If your roof is damaged heavily then you will need to call some professionals for help.
  3. Do a follow up check-up – after you finish fixing the problem, check your roof again to see if the leaking has stopped to avoid future problems.

Solutions For Minor Leaks

Minor leaks are leaks that you can fix by yourself. This type of leak doesn’t need the help of professionals. You can look at the underside of the roof and look for a nail that has missed the framing. The moisture that escapes from the attic often condenses on your nails and may cause the leaking, you can simply cut the nails with a plier to stop the leakage. If your leaking is caused by a hole in your roof, you can simply apply a roofing cement on the damaged area. Repairs can be easily dabbed with roofing cements to cover the hole.

Solutions For Major Leaks

Major leaks can either lead to further damage so it is better to act as soon as possible once you notice a major leak going on your roof. Major leaks are hard to fix if you don’t have the right tools to use and if you don’t have enough experience in fixing roof problems so it’s better to call on some professional help for major leak problems.